How long have you been blogging?
As is typical millennial style, I started blogging on Yahoo Home Pages and Xanga long before WordPress was ever a thing. I’ve had featured content on WordPress twice (but for fun silly things regarding Toy Story and Star Trek). I’ve also blogged for several different companies, but it’s been years since I blogged for myself. So I’m really excited to be back!

How did you get started on Instagram?
Everything started when my husband and I brought our first puppy, Nelson, home. I knew I was going to post heck tons of puppy photos, so I started his own Facebook page, and eventually started his Instagram account. We had no idea people would be interested in our Vespa/sidecar shenanigans until D Magazine did an interview with us in 2014. From there, Nelson became more well known in our home city of Dallas, Texas, we started to meet other dog people, and a community of close friends over the years was born!

Is it safe for Nelson to ride in the Vespa sidecar? Shouldn’t he have a helmet?
My husband jokes that Nelson is a better rider than me! We understand that it looks a little scary, and do NOT recommend others putting their dogs in sidecars or 2 wheelers of any kind. Nelson loves riding and has been doing so since he was 6 weeks old. He anticipates bumps in the road, ignores calls from other drivers, and wouldn’t even consider getting out of the sidecar until he’s told it’s safe to do so. He’s amazing. Also, humans get isolated head injuries, however that’s not as common with dogs, so a helmet wouldn’t necessarily keep him safe if we were ever in an accident. What does keep him safe is his 70 SPF and his goggles!

Do Walter and Edwin need lots of outside time since they’re such big dogs?
Not at all. Walter is a big ol’ couch potato and would much rather lay on the couch with a movie than do almost anything else. Because Edwin is a puppy, he does have puppy energy and still so we utilize walks and off-leash parks, a dog walker, and daycare to ensure he gets plenty of time to play (but give him two years and he’ll be a couch potato like his older bro).

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