Texas Summers

I can’t believe we’re already close to hitting triple digit weather! It seemed like winter would never end with her bouts of freezing weather even in March and April, then May hits and all of a sudden it’s 80 degrees at 7am. So here we are talking about summertime in Texas.

When Walter came to live with us in late summer of 2014 from up in Virginia, the poor guy could not handle our crazy heat at all. We lived in Deep Ellum at the time and would walk the boys to the Deep Ellum Dog Park; we would seriously have to take several minute breaks for Walter while walking because he was just dying in the heat. Fast forward to almost 4 years later and Walter absolutely loves sunbathing in our outdoor areas.

Walter: a Texan man now

When we venture out in the summer heat with the dogs, we always try to keep several things in mind: shade, water, and keeping a close eye on the boys to make sure they don’t overheat while we’re out. With that in mind, here’s just a few of our favorite spots to hit in Dallas during the summer with the boys!

  1. Houndstooth Coffee @ Sylvan Thirty
    My husband and I are big coffee drinkers. It can be 120 degrees outside and my husband will still order hot espresso. Houndstooth on Sylvan Thirty is great because they have a two covered outdoor areas, which means plenty of shade. While we’re talking about it, I’ll just throw in that Taco Deli is next door…so…you’re welcome.

  2. White Rock Lake Dog Park
    This park is amazing. After the park got it’s $1 million renovations and reopened in 2015, we’ve been here quite a number of times. The off-leash park is quite large with many huge trees that provide plenty of shade. The park has your typical separated big dog and small dog enclosed areas, but in addition to those parts of the park, there is a third off-leash enclosed area that opens up to the lake. My boys really love coming here to cool off. Bring extra towels or just plan on an immediate bath afterwards because the lake can be pretty dirty.

    Nelson at the off-leash dog park at Klyde Warren Park
  3. Savor @ Klyde Warren Park
    Savor is a restaurant that is located right on Klyde Warren Park and their wrap-around patio is dog-friendly! We love going here during the week for an evening glass of wine. The apps are so yummy, the patio is covered, the waitstaff is so sweet and always offer a water bowl, plus you’re right on the park! So either before or after you sit for a nice date, your pup can get out some energy in the water fountains or in the small dog park across the street. The only thing I will caution about the off-leash dog park at Klyde Warren is that the grass is faux, which means during the hottest parts of the day the grass is insanely hot for dogs, and there really isn’t a whole lot of shade in that park, which is why we usually go during evenings.

    Nelson mid air fry catch
  4. Ten Bells Tavern
    If you haven’t had the french fries and with a side of curry at Ten Bells, you my friend, are seriously missing out. Dog friendly with plenty of covered outdoor patio space, and a vry relaxed atmosphere, this restaurant and bar is a family favorite. They also feed, vax, and spay/neuter a bunch of stray cats (which all have names!) that hang around the bar. So basically what I’m saying is: food and drink for you, live entertainment for your dogs. This bar is Nelson’s favorite. Seriously. He’s obsessed with Jerry and watches him extremely closely while we’re there; pretty sure Jerry is taunting him in animal language cause he’s never on a leash.

    Nelson hanging out at HG Sply Co.
  5. HG Sply Co. @ Lower Greenville 
    HG can get a little busy and intense during the weekend evenings and brunch times, so make sure if you’re there during those hours your pup will be OK with constant pats and smooches. Go ’round back and go up the stairs, you’ll find yourself on a huge covered rooftop patio that’s dog-friendly! The food menu is a little limited upstairs, but you’re sure to find something yummy to munch. Plus there’s always that full bar *wink* so you’ll be fine.

One of the things I love so very much about Dallas is just how dog-friendly businesses are here. These are just a few of our favorite spots during intense Texas summer heat, would love to know some of your favorites! Comment here or head to my Instagram to get in on the conversation.


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    Dallas sounds like such a fun town for dogs…I had no idea!😊

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