Wedding Bells and Doggos

I’ve heard planning a wedding isn’t easy. After my husband and I became engaged, we sort of sat on the title for a few months before thinking, “Hey, maybe we should set a date and do some planning now?” I’m not a big planner… so to say planning went slow and semi-haphazardly is an understatement.

Even so, I wouldn’t change anything about our wedding day. Not one thing. Ok, maybe one thing… I wish I had thought out our dogs wedding ensemble a little more thoroughly.

Neither of our boys at the time were great on leashes, and so I kept their daily leashes and harnesses on without even thinking about what they’d look like in photos. Cue facepalm.

Since June is around the corner and all y’all are getting your wedding dresses ready, here’s some tips from me on making your day extra special with the help of your furry friends.

  1. Baths and grooming.
    Stinky dogs are not fun at weddings. Get that doggo spa day scheduled enough in advance that you’re not stressing the day before, but without giving them enough time to be dirty again.
  2. Have a designated dog wrangler.
    We did this and it was incredibly helpful. I would also add that the wrangler or someone should be in charge of getting your dog there AND home safely again. If drinking is happening at the wedding and your ceremony wrangler is drinking, you may need to consider putting someone else in charge of getting your pupper home.
  3. Plan ahead for photo ops.
    If your doggo is anything like mine, they’re kept on a very serious leash (mine were still puppies when we got married). While your usual leash may be helpful to have on hand at certain parts of the day, during the ceremony and photos, you’ll be very happy to have chosen a nice collar, leash, and maybe even topped with a cute bow tie or ribbon. We had special floral boutonnieres for our dogs, but they were lost in all our harnesses! Try for unique and cute dog outfits for wedding days.
  4. Bring LOTS of treats.
    Our Nelson chewed on our nature wedding decor while we were doing our vows. I mean it was a stick! You’ll need lots of treats to keep your pup happy during the day. Consider putting some treats in little bags for several of your family members, friends, and the dog wrangler to carry. The more treats, the more your pup will stay focused on you (probably)!
  5. Have a good time!
    The day honestly goes by so quickly, take time to love your pup and enjoy your day!

If you’ve seen or used a product or have an idea you think others would enjoy, please send it my way!


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